Working together

Working together

CaraCo Development reaps benefits of innovative project partnership with Union Gas

CaraCo Development Corporation is attracting attention from cost-conscious new home buyers.

The Kingston-based company, known as a leader in lifestyle development, recently entered into a agreement with Union Gas under the utility’s Optimum Home Program, which partners some of Ontario’s leading builders with expert building science consultants.

The project – dubbed Performance Home 2020 – was the result of a challenge for CaraCo to build a high-performance home that was 20 per cent above the Ontario Building Code requirements.

And CaraCo delivered – and then some, says Ken Dantzer, CaraCo’s design manager. So much so, that CaraCo has been awarded the ESC (Energy Solutions Centre) Partnership Award in recognition for its joint efforts with Union Gas.
The ESC award, from the non-profit organization of energy utilities and equipment manufacturers that promotes energy efficient natural gas solutions and systems for use by residential, commercial, and industrial energy users, signifies customer recognition of the benefit of working in partnership with a local utility.

That, plus the unique aspects of the project itself, has helped to pique interest from consumers.

“The attention to detail in the specifications and the conformance with future building codes has been well received by the public,” says Dantzer. “We have generated a lot of local interest through weekly advertising and radio, inviting the public to visit the model home. Educational signage is posted throughout, including a six-foot wide diagram explaining the home’s features and improvements, so visitors can learn about how they can benefit in comfort, in savings, and security of investment.”

The CaraCo Performance Home 2020 features several leading-edge building design and construction technologies, offering homebuyers improved comfort, better indoor air quality, and tools to efficiently control energy use, resulting in lower utility bills.
With Performance Home 2020, CaraCo has cemented its reputation as a leader in innovative development with accomplished past projects including homes built to the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Standard, R-2000 homes, LEED certified, as well as incorporating standard features that are environmentally conscious and energy efficient. The Performance Home 2020 utilizes best practice technology cost effectively with minimal increase to sale price.


CaraCo, also known for leading the way in innovative building standards in Ontario, will be utilizing the success of the prototype Performance Home 2020 at 827 Augusta Drive in Kingston to build its business – with formalized specifications now in place, the system will be implemented into about 10 per cent of the company’s housing.
“As with many initiatives such as the CaraCo Performance Home 2020, LEED, and ENERGY STAR® that we are utilizing, the process of developing a real project under their guidelines helped to refine our specifications and train our suppliers and trades as to what specifications are required,” says Dantzer. “This could apply to local sourcing, efficiency, chemical composition and quality control.
“We have found this process invaluable, and continues to drive change within our specifications. We will continue to seek the forthcoming regulation to elevate our product and continue to lead the way ahead of our competition.”


A family-owned company, CaraCo Development Corporation has been building houses in Kingston since 1986. CaraCo Development Corporation has maintained an excellent rating for after sales service consecutively since incorporation in 1986, achieving the highest ‘After Sales Service Achievement recognition’ award from Tarion, and the ONHWP ‘President’s Award,’ placing CaraCo’s service record among the highest in Ontario.



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