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Green Building + Architecture is a business-to-business magazine featuring prominent individuals and companies who are driving the success of the residential and ICI business in Ontario.


  • Are you a builder, architect, general contractor, engineer, consultant who have achieved, or targeting LEED/ Passive House/ Net-Zero certification in your recent project?
  • Do you have expertise in green building and sustainability field that would would like to share with other industry professionals?
  • Would you like to gain more exposure for your company green products or services?

We’d like to talk to you about doing a cover story feature, or feature article on your company. The Green Building + Architecture name ads prestige and honour to your reputation and serve as an independent endorsement to the company.


GB + A magazine makes available 4 colour cover story reprints. See attached sample.

A reprint featuring your company can be a tremendous marketing tool. People hold a third-party or Green Building+ Architecture magazine’s endorsement articles in high regard when reading about your company.

The Green Building + Architecture’ reprints are more credible than a self-promotional brochure. As a reproduction of an editorial feature, the reprint is not viewed as an advertising piece, but an editorial-type article.

For additional information please contact Giulio Marinesu, Publisher at 416-250-0664 or

Discover the Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the fastest-growing and effective form of marketing after the Internet, because of its ability to deliver relevant, compelling and engaging content to a defined audience in a manner that delivers results

Content marketing is a very sophisticated form of marketing that utilizes editorial products and custom content to connect with very specific reader audiences. Content marketing aims to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with the sponsor’s customers, so they regard the sponsor as the vendor of choice when they make purchases. This is accomplished by providing information and, often, advice that meets the needs and suits the preferences of the sponsor’s target market. It serves the interests of the audience, rather than overtly plugging products and services the way ads do.

Content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your customers need to know and delivering it to them in a relevant and compelling way.

Content marketing is networking in writing, is all about engaging in a unique conversation with your customers and prospects that can only be had within the context of peer-generated content.

Buyers need content that offers solutions to their problems, makes them smarter, successful and more knowledgeable, do their jobs better or make their lives easier. Vendors who provide that content will win.

You begin as a source of information and continue as a source of products and services.

Content marketing is actually the best thing to happen to the marketing profession in decades. That’s because the barriers that for years have made marketers subservient to the media have fallen. No longer is it necessary to buy ads or to grovel before editors to get your message out. Today, marketers can be the media.

By delivering content that is vital and relevant to your target market you will begin to take on an important role in their lives and become the trusted content resource that will attract and retain customers and prospects.

More of today’s marketers are moving away from one-size-fits-all solutions and developing a targeted approach using custom content. Compared to radio, television and other intrusive types of advertising, content marketing provides an elegant, non-interruptive forum for conveying your unique insights and perspective and positioning your business as an authority on the subject covered. The days of what Seth Godin calls “interruption marketing” are over.

The future is in “invitation marketing.”

78% of custom publishing recipients say they don’t mind the fact that sponsors are clearly selling their products and services, as long as the publication is filled with interesting information.


74% feel that getting information from a company through an interesting collection of articles, rather than an ad, is more appealing than the advertising alone.


Executing an effective content marketing strategy is a lot easier to say than to do. In a world of limited resources, generating great content poses challenges, particularly for smaller organizations. Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it rarely comes naturally to the folks who are running small companies.

For marketers who understand that narrative marketing is the only marketing left but are struggling to understand how to do it, Green Building + Architecture finally offers the solution. Underwriting an editorial presence in Green Building + Architecture will put you and your business in front of your audience in a manner that no other marketing and communication source can.

The Green Building + Architecture’s team of expert writers and editors will help you to craft credible content. Every element of content is planned with credibility and trust in mind – ensuring your content is credible, current and timely. Trust and credibility are the cornerstones to developing underwriter content.

Your custom article will be created from the ground up by our team of writers and editors at Green Building + Architecture. The turnkey process includes every step associated with content development – from conducting interviews and research to obtaining approval for each contact to proofreading, fact-checking and preparing the article for publication. We are with you every step of the way. You do as much or as little as your time allows.

Content marketing is widely used by a large majority of marketers and businesses; in fact, as many as 91% of B2B marketers claim to use content marketing to reach customers, as Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs found.

Content marketing makes your customers tick, click, and stick.

Don’t wait. The time is now. Go for it.

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