Call for Nominations

  • This Special Issue showcases women’s contributions to the green building industry

Green Building + Architecture issue promises to be “Who’s Who” among women in green industry across Canada. This issue’s must-read editorial content will guarantee a super-long shelf life as an effective tool for your marketing arsenal. Your company advertising participation will assure you are identified by readers as an industry innovative leader and a strong supporter of women in green.

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The Who’s Who compilation will be featured in Green Building + Architecture magazine, and also circulated throughout social media platforms. It promises to draw attention to innovative women involved in green initiatives across Canada.

Know of an outstanding female candidate to be featured in this standalone issue of Green Building + Architecture magazine?

This unique marketing opportunity will be enhanced with your company’s advertising participation, which will complement each woman’s profile. Published Summer 2019

E-mail your nominations to Giulio Marinescu - Publisher at gbamedia@bellnet.ca or call 416.250.0664


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