When the classroom becomes the teacher

When the classroom becomes the teacher

Eco-friendly portable features ideals of health, sustainability and energy efficiency

It’s probably safe to say that it’s a rare occurrence when parents, students, educators, school administrators, custodians and maintenance personnel are all on the same page.

But that will almost certainly be the case when they begin talking about a new unique portable classroom called a mobEE (mobile eco enclosure), a learning space containing ideals of health, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Commercialized by Evolve Builders Group, the mobEE is a unique portable classroom constructed with an array of techniques spanning from natural and renewable materials to ultra-modern design and high-tech features. In fact, the portable classroom merges super green straw bale building and other natural building techniques with state-of-the-art construction technology.

“Parents and educators will find much to their liking about mobEE; mobEE is a place of learning where the building itself is part of the lesson,” says Ben Polley, founder of Evolve Builders Group. “Moreover, mobEE provides a natural, safe, healthy environment for children’s well-being.

“Administrators, custodians and maintenance personnel will similarly be enthused by mobEE’s benefits,” he continues. “No-wax floors simplify cleaning and maintenance and the durable permanent-quality construction provides exceptional life-cycle cost benefits.

“And given the (Ontario) Green Energy Act’s requirement for all school boards to now publish the energy intensity of each school, mobEE may provide an affordable way to meet provincial efficiency targets.

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“Schools may never have another opportunity to meet so many goals with one easy decision.”

Standard mobEE features include:

  • Fire resistant straw bale insulation;
  • Glass viewing window into wall core;
  • Structural insulated panel floor and roof;
  • Fibreglass-framed high-efficiency windows;
  • Natural, vinyl-free, waxless, antimicrobial linoleum flooring;
  • Mineral-based wall paints, in and out;
  • LED warm-white light fixtures;
  • Wood soffit with natural finish;
  • And steel roof with recycled content or low emissivity white roof membrane.

After participating in the design and/or construction of three separate two-classroom permanent schoolhouses built similarly to mobEE, Evolve worked in conjunction with the facility department at the Upper Grand District School Board to craft this highly-functional, affordable, healthy portable.
Polley says this is an example of the type of partnerships where academic researchers and industrial designers frequently seek out Evolve’s experience and participation.

Evolve’s involvement at the pre-commercialization stage with large and trusted institutions is both an acknowledgement of Evolve’s diverse capabilities and helps contribute to its ability to propose the best solution for their clients complex needs, says Polley.

“Few builders are so involved in the making of the industry, not just the making of buildings themselves,” Polley says.

Specializing in green construction and eco-friendly renovations, Evolve Builders Group is a full-service general contractor and homebuilder, registered with Ontario Tarion New Home Warranty.

Web: evolvebuilders.ca




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