uberAIR Skyport

uberAIR Skyport

Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P. (HPA) unveiled a series of Skyport and Mega-Skyport architecture plans, renderings and ideas at the 2018 Uber Elevate Summit in Los Angeles, CA.

Uber challenged several firms to design an infrastructure that will support an uberAIR Skyport platform to safely and efficiently transport people via Electric Vertical Take-off and Landings (eVTOLs). HPA met the challenge and was selected as one of six design finalists.

VP of Design, Walter Hughes conceptualized two distinctive ports for eVTOL aircrafts that would serve 5,400 passengers per hour with 180 landings/takeoffs per hour. Hughes proposed constructing the façade using a combination of innovative self-healing bio-concrete and foliage; this will not only add an eco-friendly element to the project but helps reduce noise and pollution.

Hughes explained, “When designing the Skyport and Mega-Skyport, it was important to think about concepts that fit present-day technology and existing developments, but can also adapt with shifting trends…Uber Elevate offers a viable solution. We focused on a design that can easily be replicated. Add retail, office and more and we’ve expanded the meaning of a multi-use space.”

In October 2016, Uber launched its Elevate program and since then it has entered into partnerships with experienced aircraft manufacturers who are developing eVTOL vehicles. Helping make the partnership a reality, HPA was honored to be one of six design finalists to bring uberAIR to fruition.



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