The New Generation of Canadian Energy

The New Generation of Canadian Energy

Simply Green aims to become Canada’s leading force in sustainability and efficiency by 2025

When it comes to helping Canadians reduce energy consumption, Simply Green Home Services Inc. adheres to the ‘out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new’ approach – in more ways than one.

So much so, predicts company CEO/President Lawrence Krimker, that Simply Green will become Canada’s leading force in environmental sustainability and energy reduction efforts by 2025.

“Simply green’s innovative approach has been built on the minds of the industries brightest,” Krimker says.

“It’s run by a creative and innovative team that represents the new generation of the industry.”

“Across the board, Simply Green looks to add efficiency into everyday Canadian life by reducing outdated and inefficient home energy appliances as well as providing transparency to homeowners around energy consumption with the goal of reducing usage.”

While a core focus of Simply Green’s business is offering rental water heaters to home builders, Simply Green has 4 divisions, over 150 sales reps across Canada, and helps across the energy lifecycle.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s available with Simply Green:

Simply Residential New Construction / SRNC supports Ontario homebuilders to procure high-efficiency hot-water tanks during the building phase. New homes start their life with top-of-the-line equipment and are supported by Simply Green’s hassle-free maintenance plans;

Simply Sub-metering / SSM helps new residential multi-unit building developers to install sub-meters per building unit to measure and bill the right amount of utility consumption per unit. Typically, buildings see a 25%+ utility consumption reduction by raising the awareness to tenants about their individual consumption.

Simply LED / SLED helps Canadian office and condo buildings to replace existing light fixtures with high-efficiency LED fixtures and bulbs. SLED helps building owners leverage government rebates and capital investment to secure 60-70% hydro consumption and typically appreciate a 1.0-1.5-year payback term;

Simply Green Home Services Inc / SGHS helps Canadians upgrade their out-dated HVAC units to high-efficiency units that run at 96 per cent efficiency. In addition, its water and air filtration systems help reduce household air-born and water toxins;

“We also have a nation-wide installation network, supplier network and warehousing in every major city in each province west of Ontario,” says Krimker, noting that the company has a 24/7/365 emergency line, along with a 40-person call centre (located in Toronto) that services all of Canada’s time zones. “Our retrofit business has allowed for us to develop a strong focus on customer service.”

Simply Green has solidified its impact on the industry by taking on large, established companies and providing cost-efficient, viable alternatives.

“We’ve built our business by going above and beyond what’s traditionally been offered,” Krimker says, providing a number of examples.
“A very common scenario is where we find that a gas fitter hired by a builder – a non-Simply Green worker – did not properly install the equipment that we provided. The customer is upset. Simply Green has then sent out its own gas fitter, at no cost to the builder or customer, to take care of the issues that the first gas fitter has created.”
“Another example is when a customer who, once again, experienced an improper installation by a non-Simply Green plumber. In that case, the customer was not getting any hot water. The customer called the builder and the builder called us. Again, at no cost, we dispatched our own plumber within an hour, to fix the issue for the customer.”

“In yet another case, where a site manager had ordered incorrect units, we made sure the builder did not have to wait for a new shipment. I had our team load up their personal cars with as much of the equipment as possible, and they drove to the site with the deliveries within two hours of receiving the initial call. The builder was in shock that we reacted so quickly to their mistake. And, again, we did not charge them for shipping back the incorrect equipment.”

Exceptional customer service notwithstanding, Simply Green takes an innovative approach to low-rise water heater rentals and high-rise sub-metering. Krimker says all Simply Green’s equipment has the highest level of energy efficiency.

“Our retrofit HVAC business is responsible for helping over 20,000 homeowners upgrade from mid-efficiency HVAC systems to brand new Energy Star-certified 96% efficient units,” he says. “This is, on average, an energy-efficiency improvement of 20-50% in their gas consumption. This has resulted in over 30,000 tons of CO2 being lifted from the environment.”

Simply Green is a recipient of a 2016 Great Places to Work Award, ranked 43rd in the medium-sized company category. Organizations selected are outperforming their peers; both financially and in terms of innovation, collaboration, and productivity. Great Place to Work® is the research firm that produces this list. Simply Green’s Charitable Division, Simply Cares, has helped raise over $300,000 in the past three years for the Covenant House Shelter, and its sales agents and customers also provide warm clothing for the homeless.

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