Banking on green

New concept branch in Mississauga showcases TD Bank Group’s commitment to environmental leadership

TD Bank Group customers could be in for a mild, yet pleasant, surprise next time they stop into the new Creditview Road branch in Mississauga.
Bank employees there, in addition to their regular duties, just might go into teaching mode and offer information about the sustainable qualities of the concept branch.

“Educating our customers on what makes this branch unique is very important and we achieve this is a number of ways,” says Scott Hite, head of architecture and design with TD Bank Group. “Employees working in the new branch have all gone through training to not only learn about their new environment, but to enable them to share the story with our customers.”

Customers, Hite says, can learn about the sustainable elements in many ways. Employees, while helping with their banking needs, can have conversations, or conduct tours. Scattered throughout the branch are “green leaves” containing sustainable facts. There are digital displays, including an interactive station providing details about all the green features.

And customers would be well-advised to take advantage of the in-house resources as the sustainable elements are both varied and plentiful.  The open concept and modular design will be immediately noticeable, but there are many more green features that have been incorporated.

TD Branch_2

From the raised floor system, to the geo-exchange heating and cooling, to solar panels to responsibly-sourced materials, attention to sustainable detail is everywhere.

A team from Integral Group – which offers green engineering solutions – provided innovative mechanical and electrical system designs which champion TD’s sustainability goals for the project. To that end, striving to reach a net-zero energy facility standing, the integration of architecture, engineering and operations is a study of aligning art, science and human factors. Turner Construction Company and Green Reason, a sustainable building consulting and project management company, also participated in the project.

A team from Brigholme Interiors Group focused on providing products and services that would allow the branch to be a net-zero energy building.

“Using Haworth’s Integrated Palette of products, manufactured in a zero-waste-to- landfill facility, ensures that the products are sustainable,” says Joe Williams, president of Brigholme Interiors Group.

Targeting LEED gold certification, the branch is an example of TD’s commitment to environmental leadership, Hite says.

“We strive to incorporate sustainable practices into every aspect of our business,” Hite says. “This extends to the spaces we design for our employees, our customers and the community. We’re committed to continuously finding ways to be more sustainable, efficient and reduce our [environmental] footprint. This takes shape through large-scale innovations, all the way to retrofits throughout out network.”

With the Mississauga pilot concept, Hite says TD has leveraged its past experiences to raise the bar.

“We’re taking this opportunity to test and learn from this prototype and really understand how this new design helps us deliver legendary customer service and provide a great workplace for our employees … all the while reducing our footprint.

“With this in mind we are already looking at how we can best utilize and incorporate features of this new concept into our renovation strategy to retrofit our existing network and future builds.”
TD Branch_6
The new TD branch in Mississauga relies on natural lighting and uses solar power to generate electricity. Geothermal systems help heat and cool the branch, while energy efficient LED bulbs and sensors reduce lighting energy. Recycled and recyclable materials have been used in the construction process wherever possible. The wood has been sourced responsibly. Throughout the building low flow fixtures have reduced water use, and low-energy technology has reduced paper use. Rainwater, as much as possible, will irrigate the community garden.




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