ANTHENEA – Eco Friendly Floating Capsule

ANTHENEA – Eco Friendly Floating Capsule

007: a crazy dream and preoccupations of anticipation

At the origins of this incredible project, there is the dream of Jean-Michel Ducancelle, naval architect, inspired by the James Bond ® floating capsule  in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Jean-Michel has been wondering for 25 years about how Man can inhabit the Earth. He cultivates with passion the idea that the habitat of tomorrow must be at the heart of the natural environment to offer everyone a life in immersion with the marine and underwater world. 
He is considering a way to approach the future differently, with a solution for the increasingly limited availability of construction on the coast and a new look at floating habitat.

The decisive meeting with Jacques-Antoine Cesbron , a visionary industrialist , allowed the culmination of many years of research and patented innovations . 

With the construction of Anthénea, the dream is now a reality…

Anthénea and ecology

Anthénea embodies a new form of tourism but also of habitat in the  face of multiple environmental challenges: rising waters, the effects of climate change, over-density of the coast and places saturated with tourism.

Comfortable and unsinkable

Anthénea resists climatic cataclysms and the rise of the oceans . Its spherical shape is based on the principle of “surface tension”, observed in nature. It is the optimal form of resistance to extreme conditions of life on water.

The peripheral crown allows by its shape and its lift technology, a considerable increase in the stability of shape and lift on water .

100% electric

Anthénea only consumes solar energy. An energy sensor dome meets the needs for electricity and hot water. The house is equipped with an approved black water station and a gray water station. Anthénea produces what it consumes and  releases only clean water.

Air conditioning occurs naturally through the central well.



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