Sergio Galli

Sergio Galli

Rock star in both music and designing/building homes

You may have heard of Sergio Galli from his notoriety as the founding member and guitarist of the multi-platinum-selling rock group Platinum Blonde – especially if you grew up in the ‘80s.

But Galli has another passion – designing and building custom homes for Canada’s elite. In 1989, Sergio began his architecture career designing homes, but he soon began to design and build special gems after getting steady requests from his clients.

Sergio continues to build impressive, custom luxury homes with the latest appointments. Wine cellars, private theatres, indoor swimming pools, elevators and tennis courts are just some of the standard client requests he incorporates into his designs.

In addition, Sergio has recently begun offering his design flair and expertise for renovation projects.

“I’m having a lot of fun with this,” says Galli. “I especially enjoy doing facelifts – for houses that is. Every house has the potential to look amazing with a little effort. Then there’s curb appeal, which is very important and often overlooked.”

When Galli’s not at his desk designing, or in the field overseeing a build, he’s busy making music and is currently in the midst of writing and recording a new studio album of original songs.

Galli’s newest project, Platinum Series Estates, launches in the spring of 2016 and will consist of 28 estates, each on two-acre lots, built around the prestigious Lakeridge Links Golf Club located just north of Whitby, Ontario. The custom homes will range in price from $1.8-million to $3.2-million.

This approach is somewhat of a departure for Galli, who typically has private clients who want a custom home designed and built specifically for a lot they already own.

But Galli insists that there will be very little difference in the way he has been operating. “I will still be working directly with each individual purchaser to design a home specifically for them.”

Galli’s duties don’t end at designing and producing architectural plans.
“I know that the interior of a home is every bit as important as the exterior,” he says. “I find that I spend as much time on the interior. There are so many choices and decisions, but in the end there must be a flow, a continuity, if you will.”

In addition to aesthetics, Galli is also an advocate of green building practices. With the Platinum Estates Series, for example, the use of materials with low embodied energy will help protect the environment. Galli will also be using the best double-glazed while increasing the number of windows with southern exposure – resulting in substantial energy savings.
Walls, he says, will be nearly air tight and highly insulated, meeting the rigorous standard of energy-efficient construction. Passive ventilation will cool the houses. Windows on the end gables will open, as will the skylights, creating a strong cross-breeze that moves along the length of each house and pushes warm air up and outward.

The most advanced technologies – such as LED Lighting, home security and motion sensor room applications – will be used in building this community. The roof, wall and floor insulation will meet the highest standard of green friendly products. Also provided will be luxury energy-efficient appliances, plus water-conserving low-flow faucets, toilets and showerheads.

Energy Star-rated HVAC systems will be included and will be properly installed to make sure they perform to their full potential.

To top this off, Galli will be utilizing Bionest System Wastewater Treatment Solutions™ (BCM), which offers a robust, simple and economical treatment solution for high organic load wastewaters. The system’s functioning principle is based on aerated basins, an already proven existing technology. The high aeration level in the BCM rapidly reduces the wastewaters’ organic load (soluble BOD), virtually allowing all wastewater to return to a drinkable state.

During the winter months, a geothermal heat pump will extract heat from deep underground to power each home’s HVAC system. Conversely, in the summer, heat will be extracted from the air and moved back into the earth through a loop system.

The one takeaway each client gets is Sergio Galli – a rock star in the world of music, as well as in the world of designing and building custom luxury and eco-friendly homes.

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