Reversomatic & Industry’s First Self-Balancing HRV

Reversomatic & Industry’s First Self-Balancing HRV

Reversomatic Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation by Launching Self-Balancing HRV

They said it couldn’t be done, but Reversomatic has made life much easier for builders, especially high-rise builders. It has released the industry’s first self-balancing HRV and ERV series, to save time while addressing stack-effect inefficiencies in condominiums and other tall structures.

Still family owned, innovative and customer responsive, this leading North American fan manufacturer continues its run of some four decades, setting the pace with exciting new and sustainable product offerings.

The new patent pending Deluxe Series from Reversomatic is the only HRV and ERV line in the marketplace with what the company calls built-in True Automatic Electronic Air Balancing and Constant Flow Technology.

“The efficiencies claimed by other heat recovery ventilators in the market are based on the assumption that once installed, the system is properly balanced,” says Reversomatic founder Joe Salerno. “But savings are sometimes not realized on tall buildings, because the pressure varies between the upper and lower floors. An HRV in every unit can represent hours of balancing. Our Deluxe series makes it a breeze.”

Deluxe Series Self Balancing HRV/ERV Line

The slim-design 55 lb. units meet all standards and building code requirements and feature a tilted core for maximum efficiency, permanently lubricated PSC motor for continuous operation, a unique electronic control board that allows the unit to return to the last memory mode when power restores after failure, washable foam filter
and an enthalpy core for -25°C. They are ideal for horizontal or vertical installation, with air flow of 45-95 CFM (normal operation)
and power ratings of 115V / 1 / 60 Hz, 1.10 Amps.

Cutting Edge Ventilation Products Since 1972

In the early 1960s Joe Salerno heard about the land of opportunity overseas and dreamed of a better life in North America. He packed up and left his beloved hometown of Mondalto Uffugo, Italy in 1963, sailing for Canada with a lot of hope and not much money. He got a job working for a sheet metal heating firm, and when the owner decided to return to the UK, Joe bought the tiny company, convinced that he could build something special.

He knew that installers faced innumerable problems and he was determined to create a company that cared. In 1972 the company began specializing in the manufacture of fans, related products and listening to customers.

Innovative, Fast and Customer Sensitive

Forty years later, Reversomatic is one of Canada’s largest fan manufactures,with four manufacturing plants in Ontario, a sales office in South Florida and distribution all over North America. Yet it is still family owned, with Joe’s son Peter and two sons-in-law working in the business. It is responsive and very nimble.

“There is no huge corporate decision-making structure here,” says Joe Salerno. “If a customer asks for something special to be customized for a particular job, our competitors might take six months just to come to a decision. Long before that Reversomatic product would be already installed in the building.”

“We only sell to the trade, not to the retail market, because our customers don’t want us to compete with them and they want us to be focused on developing new products for the changing technology landscape,” says Peter Salerno.

“Our newest products help minimize frustration, solve problems and prevent costly callbacks; just like we rarely discontinue parts for our older products, so that installers aren’t faced with a headache instead of a minor repair. Everything we do is based on understanding the daily needs of the trade. We’re centrally located and we’re focused on the fastest growing segments of the market, like high-rise installations.

“That’s why we’re number one in the market. We just did installations in Donald Trump’s new building and at Shangri La in Toronto. We have dealers all over America and we are expanding into other countries too. One recent project was in Puerta Vallarta in Mexico.”

In-House Research Lab for New Green Tech     Reversomatic developed self-balancing HRVs to support the construction industry as it moves into the new energy age. Energy savings might be designed into products, but they should also be assured during installation and commissioning. This has long been the philosophy with a company that continuously designs new products for a changing industry and a changing world.

To ensure products exceed standards such as ASTM E547-00, Reversomatic has developed research, design and testing facilities with an in-house air chamber to conduct performance tests such as wallbox water penetration and wind tests. It maintains membership in HVI and AMCA and is an Energy Star partner. All products are CSA approved, most are HVI approved and some are AMCA approved.

Fans and kitchen range hoods are Energy Star efficient. Products, parts and accessories are precision manufactured using state-of-the art equipment, which allows the team to respond to customer requirements quickly. Custom-made products and parts can be machined to exact specifications

One-Stop Shop for Ventilation, Especially in Condos

With US customers still experiencing a soft market, Reversomatic has redoubled its focus on Canada and high-rise builders in particular. Many of the newest products solve problems that are unique to these kinds of structures.

Unlike manufacturers who split their focus between trade and retail products, the company deals in job specifications and unique challenges. “Some of today’s buildings are trying to achieve all kinds of goals including sustainability goals,” says Joe Salerno, “They might come to us and say this design means the cavity for an HRV is only 9 inches instead of 10 inches. They know we will help them. We’re probably the only company who can quickly respond that that kind of custom-design request. But at the same time, we’ve been doing it for so long, we also make everything else they need for a condo.”

The company manufactures a complete line of residential, commercial and industrial fans.  As well as accessories such as lint traps, wall boxes and wall caps.  It also manufactures custom louvers and dampers to exact customer specifications in extruded aluminum or formed steel.

They’re all CSA Approved, UL Approved or both.

It supplies custom louvers and dampers to exact customer specifications from extruded aluminum or formed steel; a whole line of commercial grade fans; wall boxes and balance boxes that are weather proof and super quiet; and sensors and controls for more control and less worry: Pressure sensors, heat sensors, amp sensors, humidistats and time delay switches.

Happy Birthday

“After 40 years of manufacturing fans I am pretty happy,” says Joe Salerno. “They said we couldn’t design an electronic self-balancing HRV, but we did it. They said we couldn’t grow as big as we have and still remain privately owned and responsive to customers, but we did it. They said we couldn’t specialize with condos and do custom work and still offer everything needed in the ventilation business, but we did it. They said it couldn’t be done, but Reversomatic did it.”



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