Pier 2, Apartment of the Future Makes Waves

Pier 2, Apartment of the Future Makes Waves

Humphreys & Partners presented a future vision of multifamily design at the 2018 International Builders’ Show in Orlando. Vice President of Design Walter Hughes revealed a high-rise concept that portrayed renderings of two towers on the Manhattan waterfront.

Pier 2 is the innovative solution to the growing changes in people’s lifestyle and inclusion of technology. It is a new form of dwelling that can improve quality of life and create a greater connection to nature.

The 100 percent sustainable project is designed with modular and micro units, co-working spaces and every amenity a futuristic apartment dweller needs to thrive: artificial intelligence, drones, home automation, autonomous vehicles and a variety of activity and wellness centers.

Starting from the ground up this concept includes: ground level retail space outfitted with smart shopping capabilities, photovoltaic glass, wind turbines, green walls, Tesla energy via Powerwall, vertical farming and park and recreational areas that will have facial recognition technology and other carbon footprint reducing features.

Forward thinking and integrating the latest technology into multifamily projects is Humphreys & Partners’ priority. Pier 2 not only defies conventional multifamily design, but represents the future of multifamily design.



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