A Step Ahead

A Step Ahead

As Ottawa’s unique green builder, RND Construction provides unequalled advantages

Ottawa’s RND Construction is a trend-setting builder whose unique green homes offer unparalleled quality.

And that’s saying something these days, as the industry shift toward sustainability is stronger than ever.

“In a lot of cases, people are being greenwashed,” says Roy Nandram, President/Project Manager with award-winning RND Construction. “We make it a point to properly educateconsumers. They want to know what the real nuts and bolts of green building are, and we provide that. We are dedicated to making sure they get the truth and most up-to-date information.

“We treat every single design or home that comes to us as unique, and then add green components. People come to us for green homes and they’ve been relying on us since our inception years ago.”

RND subscribes to a philosophy that promotes ‘green’ as a method of constructing homes and buildings which utilizes environmentally-friendly techniques while creating a sustainable and energy-efficient final product. Nandram says the advantages are many, including long-term savings and numeroushealthbenefits for the homeowners. Perhaps most importantly, he points out, it gives homeowners an active role in protecting against climate changes and preserving natural resources for future generations.

The benefits of green homes are many, and RND fills an important niche – it offers a much-needed top-shelf alternative to the status quo. This is essential, Nandram says, given the current state of the climate, new environmental protection laws, and rising costs.

The company realizes natural resources are becoming scarce… and more expensive, squeezing already tight margins. Despite these challenges, people continue to seek increasing levels of comfort in their homes.

To that end, RND focuses on incorporating design, comfort and operational efficiency into each project, always with an eye on anet-zero possibility. The combination of all three aspects helps to create an ideal living environment that is sustainable, as well as stylish and cost-effective.  (Note: A net-zero home produces the same amount of energy that it consumes annually through renewable energy resources).

It is RND’s mandate to not only build and renovate exceptional net-zero homes, but to be an educational resource for the public in general on the overall benefits of green homes and net zero.

RND regularly hosts free seminars at its Design &Innovation Centre that are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about green construction and materials. Topics change per seminar but cover indoor air quality, HRV systems and other green technologies.

Nandram, the president of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, also helps builders and renovators find cost-effective innovations to meet any upgrades of the building code, while stepping up and preparing for net zero by 2030.

“Great homes hinge on great design,” Nandram says. “When you combine green innovation, high intention, sincere effort, thoughtful direction, skillful execution and commitment, you generate a high quality home for the future.”

With over 30 years focusing on green building, RND has a team that is technically trained in building science and numerous green certifications, including R2000, LEED and net-zero affirmations. 

“Part of our vision is to exercise leadership in the critical field of sustainability,” Nandram says. “And our mission transforms that vision into reality. It is who we are, what we value, and where our aspirations for the future of the environment, the community and our own operations lie.

“We operate in a changing environment and proactively pursue creative ideas that can improve our construction processes. Our team takes a leadership position, embraces change and makes decisions that bring value as well as the opportunity to learn and share with each other and with the community.

“We work alongside experts in the field and people with values similar to ours, people who believe in the uniqueness and environmental responsibility of sustainable communities.

“We build living environments for our clients, and workplaces for our team, that are safe and healthy. We always aim to reduce environmental impacts and greenhouse gases, improve indoor air quality, and eliminate volatile organic compound materials and finishes.

“At RND Construction, we are redefining what a beautiful home is by shifting the focus to meet net-zero criteria. Beautiful homes come first, but we also help people contribute to the protection of the environment. Net-zero homes offer a unique opportunity to do just that.”

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RND Construction is a pioneer of building green homes. The Ottawa company has many honours to its credit, including a Canadian Home Builder’s Association award for the Production Home (2500 to 3000 square feet category) with their R2000-certified Meadow model in Riverpark Green. With its experience and commitment to green construction, RND Construction is uniquely positioned to see the path forward for net-zero homes.



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