One-stop shop

One-stop shop

Hosseini Homes Corporation provides top services for development and construction from start to finish

Real estate investors have been paying close attention to Hosseini Homes Corporation – and vice versa.
The Toronto-based company, a custom home building subsidiary of Tarh Saz Gostar, which has more than 30 years experience in the construction industry in Iran, Dubai and Canada, prides itself on being a one-stop shopping experience … and clients have been quick to rave about that service.

“We provide consultation from the early stages of development and construction,” says Mehdi Hosseini, Executive Director/ Senior Designer at Hosseini Homes Corporation. “That goes from purchasing the land until the end when the home is completed and they move in.
“We do planning, architectural design, interior design, project management, construction, and help with the purchase and sale process. We have helped a lot of investors during the past several years to make more than they expected with their investments.”
Along the way, always in the forefront of Hosseini thinking, is the attention given to sustainable considerations.

“In our company, we believe that sustainable homes are not just the ones with solar panels or a green roof,” says Hosseini. “We believe strongly in the adage ‘Think Locally, Act Globally.’ We think we should all start being sustainable in every sense of the word.

Hosseini cites just a few examples of his company’s sustainable policies. They include:

  • Buying locally as much as possible and using local trades;
  • Designing homes with a height and width that fits with available materials in the market in order to reduce construction cost;
  • Using the latest smart home technologies and factoring natural light into their home designs.

“We design most of our homes with a 10-foot 4½-inch ceiling height, which gives us the opportunity to use a 10-foot stud,” he says. “Then we don’t need to cut the lumber. Or we would design a foyer with an eight-foot width, which would then be covered using 2×2-foot tiles to avoid the need for cutting.
“This not only reduces the construction garbage, but saves a lot of time and energy.”

Hosseini Homes takes particular pride in its design and landscaping departments.
The design department specializes in architectural design, interior design, master planning, sustainable design and consulting. Using the latest in computer technology, Hosseini Homes can create a paradise in every client’s backyard.

“With out experts’ knowledge and talent, we can best match our clients’ business strategies and objectives,“ says Hosseini. “We care about each client’s needs in building their dream house because, at the end of the day, it’s their home and we love seeing them there enjoying it.”

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Mehdi Hosseini is a talented designer who amazes clients with his work and ideas. His knowledge of building codes and construction practices helps him to be one of the best. He graduated from Azad University in Karaj, Iran and received his bachelor degree in the Wood & Paper Industry Engineering program. He also graduated from George Brown College in Toronto in the Architectural Technology program. He achieved his bachelor degree in the Environmental Design program at OCAD University, previously known as the Ontario College of Art and Design. He is a qualified designer, BCIN certified, in Ontario, Canada. Also he is working at OCAD University as an AutoCAD Instructor which indicates his level of knowledge in the design and architecture field.



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