On the cutting edge

On the cutting edge

Derek Nicholson Incorporated has developed a stellar reputation working with some of Canada’s most innovative architects


The words ‘cutting edge’ come to mind whenever one thinks about the work done by Derek Nicholson Incorporated.

It’s easy to see why. As a specialized contracting and project management firm, the company has developed a reputation for producing finely-executed renovations and custom designed buildings for some of Canada’s most innovative architects.

“We also have the management structure to be cost-effective and efficient on our projects,” says company founder Derek Nicholson. “We definitely provide excellent value for money, as well.”
Founded in 2000, the Toronto-based firm has been involved in numerous projects that have received local and international awards and media attention, including four Governor General’s awards, which represent the greatest honour for architecture in Canada. Nicholson feels strongly that those distinctions are the result of dedication to excellent design, management and construction, plus credits the stellar group of architects and designers he collaborates with.

Derek Nicholson Incorporated prides itself in resolving and executing detailed projects of exceptional quality. Its team of skilled trades and craftspeople ensure that design integrity is realized from conception to completion.

The company’s office staff, Nicholson says, have degrees from architecture and interior design schools and have prior work experience at boutique architecture and design firms.

“Our qualified project managers are therefore able to collaborate with architects and designers to ensure that construction details are well-executed,” he says. “We work with the consultants and clients to ‘value engineer’ projects to meet budget requirements.

“As a result,” Nicholson says, “we have received widespread acclaim and are continuously referred to other clients by the consultants and clients of completed projects.”

Some of the innovative architecture and design firms Derek Nicholson Incorporated has worked with recently are superkül, William Chong Architects, Luc Bouliane, Teeple Architects and D’Arcy Jones Architecture. Teeple Architects, for example, is recognized for executing technically-advanced projects of exceptional quality that are conceptually and practically rooted in the specific needs and aspirations of each client. They say they are committed to responding creatively and effectively to each program, site, context and budget; inspired to find innovative and appropriate solutions for each new project.

Derek Nicholson Incorporated shares the same values. The firm provides crews that are capable of providing a wide variety of work – from the initial stages of demolition through to completion. Some of their expert in-house services include underpinning, waterproofing, poured concrete walls plus Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and installation of structural steel and framing.

“And just a little while ago,” says Nicholson, “we opened a landscape section, completing a number of finely-designed and executed landscape projects.

“Because of our total integration, projects are seamless. Not relying on outside trades allows us to complete projects in a timely fashion.”

Next up for Derek Nicholson Incorporated is a segue into BONE structure construction, a system for assembling houses quickly, without any cutting or use of nails.

“We are now an authorized BONE structure builder,” says Nicholson. “We’ll be starting our first project right away. We’re excited – BONE structures are prefabricated steel structures that are energy efficient and create zero waste during erection compared to traditional wood framing methods. And wall and roof panels are spray foamed to achieve air-tight enclosures.”
Did we say ‘cutting edge?’


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