ECO TOURISM – Nicholas Plewman Architects

ECO TOURISM – Nicholas Plewman Architects


Inspired by the rolling hills of Rwanda and the thatched design of the King’s Palace at Nyanza, Bisate sits woven between the lush growths adjacent to Volcanoes National Park. 

Bisate reflects the innate organic culture of Rwanda and reflects sophisticated spaces around every turn. Craftily designed the spherical rooms and public areas add bespoke and sustainable solutions to the intricate and difficult surroundings.

Operator: Wilderness safari


Inspired by the endangered pangolin, Sandibe is unique in its approach and response to the site.

Timber shingle structures curve up from the Okavango floor to give private sanctuaries to guests below the canopy of trees. Completely off-grid Sandibe treads lightly on the forest floor and ecosystems. Sandibe is habitation made manifest of the Okavango Delta.


Text description provided by Nicholas Plewman Architects



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