Casa Ojalá allows you to live your imaginations, immersed in the landscape that surrounds you

Inspired by recent travels in the vast and endless countryside of the northern Andes, Architect Beatrice Bonzanigo sought to create a refuge where one – she! – could comfortably stay a few days without disrupting the physical and existential immersion in the landscape. Thus Casa Ojalá was born: pairing the luxurious comforts of home with a structure that adapts seamlessly to its surroundings, allowing guests to rediscover themselves submerged in nature.

Equipped with self-contained electrical and water systems, the shelter is off-grid capable allowing for installation in remote mountaintops or isolated beaches.

From design to reality

After its heralded debut at Milan Design Week in 2019, Beatrice formed Casa Ojalá srl with Ryan Nesbitt to develop the initial design into full-scale production and make it available to individuals and boutique hotels alike. Prototyping is underway and first deliveries are expected late 2020.

Made in Italy

Italy is renowned worldwide for its design, raw materials and superb craftsmanship and Casa Ojalá raises the bar yet again.



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