Huron Creek Developments tackling the need for affordable housing

Huron Creek Developments tackling the need for affordable housing


Staying one step ahead of the competition is a business strategy that has served Huron Creek Developments well over the years.

Nearly a decade ago, that meant undergoing a major brand change that motivated a new look. Today, that means having a commitment to the critical need for affordable housing.

It’s about being cutting edge, in touch with what’s happening in the world around them … then responding.

“We are always looking for opportunities to build better and be better,” says Rick Martins, Vice-President at Huron Creek Developments.

“Our approach to affordable housing is an example. Our most recent project, La Loma, in Kitchener, Ontario, consists of 144 modern, stack townhouses that will be offered as affordable rentals towards the end of 2023.

“This is an important contribution to the community, as we were seeing a lack of affordable housing across the board.”

Taking their approach one step further, Huron Creek is making the affordable units ENERGY STAR® rated and net-zero ready, with dual fuel systems for added energy efficiency and savings.

“Searching for ways to increase the energy efficiency of a new home is imperative for us, and we can pass down the energy savings of an efficient home to our homeowners.,” Martins stressed. An Energy Star certified home is on average 20 per cent more energy-efficient than a typical new home.”

The industry has taken notice.

At the 2022 ENERGY STAR® Canada awards, Huron Creek was named Builder of the Year – Mid-size. The selection committee said that Huron Creek Developments is a leader in innovation of new home construction and community development. All of Huron Creek’s homes are Energy Star certified and they actively promote their Energy Star certified homes through a wide range of diversified marketing activities, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. They take pride in communicating the benefits of an Energy Star certified home to current and future homeowners.”

The selection committee said key 2021 accomplishments by Huron Creek include:

• Attained ENERGY STAR® certification for all homes built;
• Recognized by Building Knowledge Canada for building practices and consistent airtightness levels;
• Created an interactive virtual self-guided tour of their Energy Star homes, highlighting the standard Energy Star features available.

“The 2022 ENERGY STAR® award is a significant accomplishment that we will continue to honour through our commitment to advocate affordability in all the homes we build.” says Martins.

Besides the ardent Energy Star application and support, Huron Creek has made a slew of advances towards more sustainable building practices, including:

• Improved waste and water management;
• Energy management technologies;
• AeroBarrier premium air tightness technology;
• Increased insulation: Below grade under slab insulation, two-inch foam board against concrete exterior walls, minimum R-60 Insulated exterior;
• Construction waste sorted onsite for appropriate recycling and disposal;
• Rigid foam insulation allows for less lumber to be used;
• Recycled building materials;
• Solar-ready roof requirements;
• High-efficiency appliances;
• Low flow toilets.

In 2021, Huron Creek completed its first net-zero ready model home for the Westwood Village Preserve community in Cambridge, Ontario, an option subsequently made available for other homeowners.

“Sustainability and affordability continue to be a priority for us,” says Martins. “There has been a big push from the government in recent years to provide net-zero certified homes and we are constantly evolving and assessing different ways to meet that goal at an affordable level for homeowners.

“None of this would be possible without our dedicated employees and trade partners who help us to grow and push the boundaries of what is possible. They are the driving force of Huron Creek Developments and the inspiration to do more and be better.”

Recently, the principals of Huron Creek expanded to the U.S., with Catana Construction actively building a presence in the new home building market of southwest Florida. The spectrum of these homes range from luxury custom-built homes, to short-term vacation rentals and affordable housing.

“We are committed to help to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings and infrastructure to build better and more with less,” says Martins. “It’s the only way we can build progress for people and the planet together.
“Huron Creek Developments is accelerating the transition to a net-zero future through net-zero construction. We are continually rethinking and improving the basic principles of design and construction and have adopted many environmentally-conscious practices as a standard process in all of the homes we build.”
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Huron Creek Developments has over 80 years of collective new home construction experience. The company strives to create a better building experience for all its new homeowners. The Huron Creek team has been consistently recognized for its ongoing commitment to innovation in both technology and building processes – making affordable home ownership a reality for everyone.



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