Heady times for Chelten Homes as they reach goal as certified net-zero builders

Heady times for Chelten Homes as they reach goal as certified net-zero builders

It should come as no surprise that Chelten Homes would want to cement a reputation as certified net-zero builders.

Anyone familiar with the Waterdown, Ontario, company would be the first to tell you that going that extra mile is a trait Chelten Homes has long embraced.  And the current net-zero designation of a home at 218 Ascot Place in Burlington is no exception.

“The project at 218 Ascot Place in Burlington has been an exciting one for Chelten Homes on many fronts,” says Marcel Leclerc, president of Chelten Homes. “Our impetus for building this home started with our desire to be certified as net-zero builders.  We believe there are better ways to build a home that provide the homeowner with the benefits of increased climate control within the home and lower operating costs, while at the same time reducing the strain on the environment and our natural resources. 

“With a net-zero home, we all win and we want to be at the forefront of this building practice; and this project gave us the experience we needed.” 

Previously, Chelten Homes made a name for itself by espousing walkable communities, utilizing construction materials from local craftspeople and optimizing livable space.

With 218 Ascot Place, Chelten Homes raises the bar even more.

 “We enjoy being pushed and expanding our experience as builders so we asked the architect [for 218 Ascot Place] to pick a style of home we had not done before,” Leclerc says. “She came up with an impressive West Coast Modern design, which challenged us to think differently, source new and interesting materials, and build differently.  We are very excited with this project and the end result and look forward to being able to refine and grow with the next project.”

To be clear, 218 Ascot Place is a net-zero home, meaning it’s air-tight, well-insulated and energy-efficient and will produce as much renewable energy as consumed, leaving the occupants with a net-zero energy bill and a carbon-free home. 

For example, the first hydro bill for the home, provided by Burlington Hydro, shows s sizeable  energy credit. The energy consumption was 192 kWH and the home generated 842 KWH of energy. It should be noted that the first month included running the home with four occupants, daily use of air conditioning … plus pool maintenance. The custom solar PV system, by the way, is forecast to provide a lifetime savings on electricity of $127,030, according to Bluewater Energy from Guelph, Ontario.

More specifically, here is a list of features that contribute to the overall energy-saving package:

  • 218 Ascot Place in Burlington is a smart home. Everything can be controlled and monitored remotely;
  • Windows are triple glazed fibrerglass;
  • The exterior walls have two-inch R10 rigid foam insulation with continuous thermal break, the interior of those wall cavities are R20 – a total wall R30 value. In addition, two-inch spray foam was applied under the basement slab with continuous thermal break, which prevents heat loss and air leakage – a home’s most inefficient areas;
  • Exterior rim joist cavities were treated with R22 spray foam to eliminate a major source of heat loss;
  • R12 spray foam was applied in the attic with R50 loose fill for maximum energy efficiency;
  • The air tightness was further enhanced by the AeroBarrier envelope sealing technology;
  • Hubbell energy-saving receptacle boxes (complete with airtight gaskets) were installed throughout;
  • There is a complete in-home ozone water treatment and filtration system, which eliminates impurities left over from municipally-treated water, including viruses, bacteria and treatment chemicals.

All in all, Chelten Homes believes the net-zero offerings will continue to complement the competitive advantages the company has over others in the construction industry.

“Chelten is family in many ways,” says Leclerc. “Each employee acts like a leader and is encouraged to be an innovator in everything we do.

“They look upon every task as how will it impact other members of the Chelten family, how it will benefit a project and, ultimately, how will the customer benefit. We like to under promise and over deliver.”

That dedication is often supported even more as many Chelten Homes’ team members live close to the communities/neighbourhoods the company plans and develops.
“So that means we develop a personal connection to each and every project,” says Leclerc. “We practice what we preach on a daily basis. We are never satisfied with a job well done.”

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