Giancarlo Zema Design Group – Watery inspiration

Giancarlo Zema Design Group – Watery inspiration

Solar-powered floating building can be positioned anywhere there are calm waters

Italian architect Giancarlo Zema has carved out a reputation by immersing himself in water-based projects.
Already well-known for his aquatic creations, Zema has set the bar even higher with his design of an eco-friendly floating building.

Called a WaterNest 100, this circular pod-like structure is made up of 98 per cent recycled materials, is powered by a rooftop solar system capable of generating 4 kWp and can be positioned anywhere there are calm waters, such as along rivers, bays or lakes. WaterNest 100 is the ideal solution for those wishing to live independently, exclusively and in complete harmony with nature.

“The inspiration came from observing the aquatic nests of water birds all over the world where they can live and growing their babies in total harmony with nature,” Zema told in a published report. “So I thought of designing something similar that can help us to embrace life and allow us to live a floating experience in a natural and energy-saving habitat.”

This unit is 1,076-square feet (or 100-square metres, hence the name) of space. Utilizing recycled glued laminated timber and a recycled aluminum hull, the WaterNest 100 was designed exclusively for the British firm EcoFloLife. Different versions are appropriate for different uses. For example, the WaterNest 100 could be a house, office, laboratory, shop or bar/restaurant.

Balconies are located on the sides and large windows permit panoramic waterside views. On the wooden roof, there are bathroom and kitchen skylights, as well as solar panels used for the internal needs of the unit. Inside, the basic WaterNest 100 allows for a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. But other configurations are pos sible, depending on needs.

In addition, there’s a sophisticated system of internal natural micro-ventilation and air-conditioning that positions the WaterNest 100 as a low-consumption habitat. A home automation system allows users to control lighting, draw curtains and blinds, and control the sound system. Preset lighting, air conditioning and sound profiles can be triggered, and users can monitor energy consumption and temperature.
The interior is warm and welcoming, featuring contemporary styles and innovations. The large windows allow light to enter and provide all-day illumination. The furnishings are of high design in recycled and recyclable material.

Natural materials, soothing colors and soft shapes provide an exclusive environment in direct contact with nature. Users can read a good book illuminated by the sun coming through the large windows, listen to soft music in an acoustically designed environment or relax on a chaise lounge close to a window that overlooks one’s own personal magical water location.

The layout is basically circular, with balconies located along the longer sides. Here are examples of the various options to be made available:

  • House or resort / This version of WaterNest 100 is ideal for a young couple or family of four, wishing to live in a new, eco-friendly and non-conformist manner, without sacrificing comfort, elegance or style. The interior includes a living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Office or lab / This version is more suited for a young and dynamic work team wishing to communicate and work in a single, one-of-a-kind space, in close contact with nature. WaterNest 100 can fit separate or adjoining workstations, a bathroom, storage and archives.
  • Shop or exhibition / This style is suited for those wishing to open an innovative floating business or exhibition gallery. A large open space can be used according to the various business needs with storage, dressing room and toilet.
  • Lounge bar/restaurant / Here is the ideal design to accommodate an innovative, charming environmentally-friendly restaurant for bio products, or an intriguing floating bar. There’s enough open space for a bar, stools, tables, chairs, kitchen and toilets, with seating capacity for 40 people.

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