Energy efficiency on steroids

Energy efficiency on steroids

Silverado Custom Homes takes on state-of-the-art project in Toronto’s Lawrence Park

By Greg McMillan

With a touch of secrecy and intrigue, Silverado Custom Homes is undertaking an ambitious project that should place it in rarified territory in the Canadian green building industry.


As Jeff Silverberg, President and Founder of Silverado Custom Homes Corp., likes to say about the home in Toronto’s Lawrence Park area: “It’s energy efficiency on steroids.

“It will have state-of-art energy features far beyond the norm in our industry in Canada,” he says. “Silverado and its team of professionals are at the leading edge in design and construction of highly energy-efficient custom homes in Canada and this project will further attest to that.”


As one of the top custom builders in Toronto, Silverado has overseen the construction of over 1,000 homes in the most prestigious areas of the GTA, says Silverberg, and is in a unique position to meet the high expectations of discriminating clients.

And, while preferring not to divulge the identity of the client involved in the Lawrence Park project, he says Silverado will streamline the process and ensure a satisfying and stress-free experience for all involved.
Silverberg says that Silverado helps the client through the entire design/build home construction process – from designing the perfect home to adding finishing touches, providing all the services required.


He says Silverado works side by side with trusted contractors to ensure that all aspects of the custom home work can be completed to the highest standards and specifications; often assigning a consultant to be involved with the design/build process to ensure all necessary criteria are met.

The Lawrence Park client, Silverberg says, has chosen to take advantage of many of the latest green building details available in the marketplace today.

The list of basic energy features is long, and definitely comprehensive:

  • ICF (insulated concrete form) basement to the roof structure as well as an ICF pool.
  • Hydronic heating throughout building with separate programmable zoning in each room.
  • Hydronic heating on all exterior walkways, driveway and dog path along the side of the house.
  • Insuldeck structural insulated flooring throughout the building. (This is a structural slab that is fully insulated for sound attenuation and the elimination of boxing because everything is sleeved through the floor).
  • Geothermal heating and cooling for the house, as well as the pool.
  • Custom thermal glazing and top-of-the-line low-E (low-emissivity) glass for all windows.
  • Composite custom slate roof.
  • LED lighting throughout building.
  • Super quiet and super energy efficient HVAC systems.

Moreover, Silverberg describes the house design as a custom French chateau with smooth cut limestone on all interior walls. He says the home will be fully automated with savant (luxury smart home technology) automation.

“Everything from home security, to HVAC and lighting controls, as well as drapery controls will be fully automated,” says Silverberg, whose awards include Best Townhouse Design from The Toronto Home Builders’ Association (BILD) as well as Best Model Home Design from The Ontario Home Builders’ Association.


“With utility costs soaring these days, energy efficiency is very important,” he adds. “This house, with its state-of-the-art designs and efficiencies, is part of the wave of the future in the building industry in Canada.”


As the leading design/build contractor in Toronto, Silverado Custom Homes will work with clients to find the right lot for their home, create a budget and timeline for their project and provide them with access to homebuilding professionals who will make their dream home a reality. Silverado works side by side with trusted contractors to ensure that all aspects of their new custom homes are completed to the highest standards and specifications. Silverado has worked on many custom home projects, including creating Energy Star certified homes which are built to be energy efficient.
Additionally, Silverado Financial, one of Canada’s leading home rebate services, can help clients get an HST rebate of up to $24,000. Silverado Financial is an expert at assisting homeowners obtain HST rebates for new homes and homes undergoing substantial renovations. These rebates are available to clients directly from the government. Silverado Financial is owned and operated by a chartered accountant and a building professional. Together, they have over 50 years of combined expertise, knowledge and experience that will help clients receive the maximum HST rebates they are entitled to.



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