DuPont launches revolutionary house wrap exclusively at The Home Depot

DuPont launches revolutionary house wrap exclusively at The Home Depot

DuPont Building Innovations is launching DuPont™ Tyvek® ThermaWrap™ R5.0 in Canada, a revolutionary new exterior insulation product for the construction of energy efficient homes. DuPont™ Tyvek® ThermaWrap R5.0 is now available exclusively at The Home Depot locations across the country

This latest addition to the DuPont product line, being launched for the first time in Canada, provides continuous R5 exterior insulation with all of the properties of Tyvek® air and water barrier.

“This is the only product of its kind,” said Angela Strzelecki, DuPont Building Innovations North American Business Director. “Tyvek® ThermaWrap R5.0 is installed like a building wrap, and provides a level of continuous insulation to improve the overall energy efficiency, comfort and durability of Canadian homes.”

R-Value refers to the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the
R-value, the greater the insulating power. DuPont Tyvek® ThermaWrap R5.0 has a R5 insulating blanket attached to a Tyvek® HomeWrap® topsheet all in one roll to help reduce thermal bridging and heat loss through the wall. The product’s unique breathability allows any moisture that may get inside the wall to dry and escape to the outside. This helps to prevent accumulation of water and reduces the chance for water damage and mold.

“This new DuPont Tyvek® ThermaWrap R5.0 offers another insulation option for builders as they strive to meet International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements without dramatically changing their current building practices,” explains Strzelecki. “It comes in a convenient, easy-to-handle roll for uncomplicated installation. It can help builders meet or exceed increasingly stringent codes, standards and home certification programs.”

DuPont products have the ability to work together as a unique, dependable weatherization system – all backed with a 10-year warranty.

Some additional benefits of using DuPontTM Tyvek® ThermaWrapTM R5.0:

  • It provides continuous exterior insulation, increasing the R-value of the wall while reducing thermal bridging
  • It can be installed shingle fashion (unlike rigid, exterior foam insulation), reducing the potential for bulk water infiltration into the wall assembly.
  • Windows, doors and wall penetrations can easily be flashed using available DuPontTM Flashing Systems.

DuPont Building Innovations helps residential and commercial builders, architects, general contractors, engineers and their teams determine the best, highest performing solutions that meet the unique needs of their projects

All DuPont™ Tyvek® products are supported nationally by the DuPont Tyvek Specialists Network and the DuPont Building Knowledge Centre. For more information about the benefits of using DuPont Tyvek® ThermaWrap R5.0 visit





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