Delta-Rae Homes

Delta-Rae Homes

Luxury and sustainability

Delta-Rae Homes maintains a delicate balance between industry standards, emerging ideas and green trends

Carmen Calabrese has been ahead of the curve for years – and the president and owner of Delta-Rae Homes constantly challenges himself to continue that trend.

He recognized the shift to green building before it became an industry status quo, and he makes sure Delta-Rae is providing options and standards to keep on the same evolutionary path.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to make our future homes even more sustainable,” says Calabrese, with over 24 years in home building to his credit. “This is the way of the future.

“We take great pride in the workmanship that goes into our homes and we have the finest tradespeople to thank for that. Their expertise and awareness in greener practices have brought our company to the next level.”

Well known in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for creating innovative singular homes with a custom approach, Delta-Rae has been recognized with the highest design award in the GTHBA (Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association).

The company’s success has grown to include communities across the Region of Durham in Whitby and Oshawa, while making an impact, as well, in Cobourg, on Balsam Lake in Rosedale, Ontario, and Bowmanville.

Historically, Delta-Rae has built award-winning high-end custom homes, but over the past six years that same standard has been transitioned to include mid-sized homes and townhomes.

With over 700 homes built in the Durham region, Calabrese continues to deliver a product with unparalleled attention to detail, coupled with high-quality finishings. And years before Energy Star regulations were put in place, he recognized that green packages would be a Delta-Rae standard.

“What’s important to me, as a builder, is to find the balance between industry standards, emerging ideas and trends,” he says. “To focus, not only on quality and fine details, but on a more practical approach for the buyer. And greener materials have been a cost-effective alternative.

“Greener materials have been an advantage for our purchasers, in that the long-term maintenance and operational costs will incur significant energy savings.”

Calabrese takes pride in saying that, in a Delta-Rae home, you will not only find stunning architectural nuances, outstanding interiors and impeccable craftsmanship, but also a luxury dwelling high on efficiency and sustainability.

Working closely with sustainability experts, Delta-Rae is now offering upgraded green options, as an efficient alternative for purchasers. They include indoor and outdoor LED lighting, quartz countertops and greener cabinetry.

Already available with Delta-Rae homes were high-efficiency furnaces, state-of-the-art (HRV) air exchangers, high R-value insulation materials, power-vented hot water tanks, Tyvek air barriers, fibreglass front doors, efficient lighting options, outstanding exterior finishes and upgraded low-e windows.

Calabrese points out that Delta-Rae recognizes that these types of options are “a way of life today” and not simply novelties.

“More and more customers are concerned with much more than the interior finishes and space,” he says.  “They are also attuned to what lies within the walls of their home and cost-measuring energy savings.”

Helping Calabrese – in his quest to maintain progressive standards as newer technologies come along – are his daughter, Amanda, and son, Anthony, whose enthusiasm is taking the company “up a notch.” He says they are extremely passionate about delivering a product of quality, efficiency and distinction.

“Quality has been learned from an early age, and this newer generation aims to bring innovative designs and technologies to their homebuyers.”

Calabrese says implementing sustainable values in Delta-Rae homes is extremely important for his company.

“The savings alone, in maintenance costs, supersedes the cost of implementing these newer technologies for our buyers,” he adds. “We also understand that the buyers today are now aware of these technologies and we strive to respond to this and still maintain the quality and caliber of our homes.”




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