Coulter Dawe continues streak as premier custom/design firm in southern Georgian Bay

Coulter Dawe continues streak as premier custom/design firm in southern Georgian Bay


There’s something to be said about a custom home builder that stands the test of time.

In many ways, Coulter Dawe and Associates can attest to that.

The premier custom design/build firm in southern Georgian Bay has been in business for more than 50 years, and that, alone, says a lot. That longevity, however, is merely the tip of the iceberg.

“We have been in business since 1968,” says company president Patrick B. Coulter, “focusing on high-end custom homes. We have built more homes in southern Georgian Bay than any other builder and are considered the premier custom home builder in the region.”

Dawe joined the firm 15 years ago and worked his way through the ranks to his current position of vice-president and principal.  He now leads the firm. His in-house projects represent the ultimate in quality and elegance.


Offering full client consultation, from land purchase to occupancy, the company’s management team has been together for 30 years and is fully qualified to assist clients all the way to the final finishes. They have been exceeding customers’ expectations and take pride in getting credit for building projects that will be remembered for generations.

Coulter Dawe believes that choosing the right builder should not be based on a sales pitch; the selection should be done by looking at a firm’s long-standing reputation of guiding clients through the architectural and building process, followed up by delivering what is promised.


“We have a tremendously capable team of staff, experts and associates,” says Coulter. “Distinct by the depth of our experience, the core management team has vast experience at unique site locations and difficult build sites.


“Our firm is always client-first. We are always respectful of schedule and budget and will not authorize additional spending without client authorization. Every past client would refer us to friends and relatives.”

Currently, when discussing a build with clients, Coulter says many are interested in knowing more about wind and solar power.

“They are all seeking high quality systems, with greater air tightness, higher insulation levels, efficient lighting systems, high-efficient boilers with multiple air handlers, with radiant floor heat considerations.

“We have done a number of solar and wind surveys for clients. Our clients generally have elected to go with high-efficiency conventional systems, including ground source options.”

Coulter says the firm has participated in all educational and energy management projects to develop a company attitude towards energy responsibility at all levels of their work.

“We are very focused on perfection at all levels of construction,” says Coulter, whose role into the future will be as senior advisor to Dawe and the team. “We practise a green approach in every one of our projects – it’s not an isolated part of our work. Overall, we produce top-quality projects for our country’s most elite clients.


He says Coulter Dawe has an established team of design and system experts who coordinate the performance of a building to ensure the best possible energy performance within the limits created by the building design.


“We are proud to be recognized as the premier custom home builder in southern Georgian Bay,” adds Coulter. “We have studied energy management to guarantee we are ready and aware of the options every client will face and ensure they are guided to wise choices.

“We feel that the choices that are made today in housing must be considered prudent for the next 50 years.”

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