Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish architecture practice Studio Fokstrot have unveiled design for a new type of urban space for the harbour of Copenhagen, Denmark

With Copenhagen Islands a new type of urban space is introduced to the harbour of Copenhagen. A ‘parkipelago’ of floating islands, creates endless possibilities for fun activities and daily exploration. The islands will be dispatched on suitable locations around the inner harbour, but also find their way to more forgotten and underused corners of the harbour, catalyzing life and activity. Hopefully giving back a little bit of space for whimsy and wonder to the old industrial harbour sides.

All of them will be free to be explored by the increasing number of kayaks, sailors, GoBoaters, tourists and fishermen in the harbour. 

The intention is to renew the proud traditions of the Danish harbour life, by strengthening the social cohesion and awareness of the maritime life in, and around the harbour.

The activities and functions of each island are flexible, depending on its position in the harbour and the time of the year. The users of the islands are dictating the actual use of the island, and what functions to have.

The project, as a concept, is launched to create a stronger focus on an improved harbour environment, the global climate changes and the increased water levels – some of the biggest problems the world is facing today.



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