All about the details

All about the details


Wallzcorp Inc. dedicated to clients and takes a personalized approach

Project managers at Wallzcorp don’t beat around the bush – they have a very clear modus operandi.

For starters, they are the creators of a modern-day design-build process. They are their clients’ most trusted providers of professional services, consistently exceeding expectations and bringing the highest value to each and every relationship.

That’s a key element as they take a partnership approach to help promote sustainable and economic growth of communities. Wallzcorp managers work tirelessly to ensure their projects are mutually successful, with a contribution that reaches far beyond bricks and mortar.

By continuously striving to excel at these core set of values, Wallzcorp believes long-term profitability, growth and client satisfaction will result.

And A. Nima Ahmadi, President of Wallzcorp Inc., fully supports these key company principles.
“Our expertise is to understand our clients’ needs and vision,” says Ahmadi. “We usually discuss all aspects of construction, the pros and the cons of different ideas, and work with our client step by step to bring their visions into a reality.”
“We recognize issues way ahead of time and address them one by one in order to get a project started and keep it progressing smoothly. We have learned that the only constant in the construction management industry is change so we anticipate potential obstacles and ask the difficult questions so we don’t get any surprises in the process. We guide our client through the entire design and building process, from start to finish.”

Call it the one-stop-shop advantage. Wallzcorp provides everything from participation in property acquisition, to floor-plan design and assistance with the complete municipal approval process, to preparation of financial feasibility studies, to monitoring and managing all phases of development. Wallzcorp has access to award-winning architects and designers, and most of its professional trades have worked with the company for several years.

“The first thing that we will discuss with all our customers is their requirements,” says Ahmadi, whose company is based in North York in the GTA. “We discuss their wish list and we systematically manage all the information that they are looking for. This way, our clients save time and money and have single-point accountability. At the same time, we do our best to maintain a crystal clear communication channel.”

To emphasize his point, Ahmadi provides a step-by-step guide to the meticulous process Wallzcorp adheres to. And he breaks that process down into sections entitled Briefing, Idea, Sketch, Design, Develop and Celebrate. One thing that is obvious in this process is that at Wallzcorp: It’s all about attention to detail.


“Our philosophy is that a construction project should elicit excitement, joy, and pleasure as you come home or go to your workplace. A true custom build should reflect the personality and lifestyle of its owner, and should integrate the interior and exterior spaces with the land and gardens that surround it.”


“In this important stage, we take the time to learn about the clients’ tastes and ideas, their lifestyle requirements. We incorporate all of this into a Personalized Project Criteria, which we use to design and prepare conceptual drawings.”


“In the preliminary design stage we provide three-dimensional rendering services in order to review the clients’ ideas and identify the details. This will allow our client to actually see how the final project will look like before we proceed, which will also allow the client to make unlimited changes earlier rather than incurring a change that costs during the construction phase.”

“Once the client has approved the conceptual designs, we work with our team of professionals, architects, engineers and interior designers to create detailed working drawings. This step allows the client one more opportunity to view the construction drawings, and provides a unique insight into how the design will eventually come together.”


“We know that every client has a budget, and we strive to provide the best bang for their buck. After a client finalizes a style, square-footage, and wish list, we sit down and do a complete financial analysis and discuss the most economical overall budget.”


“As construction gets started, we feel an open and consistent communication is the most important factor for a smooth-running, stress-free experience. We will schedule periodic meetings with the client to review interior and exterior finish material options, make selections, and to get updates on the construction progress. It is critical to keep everyone informed by quickly adding daily logs, updating schedules, marking up plans and more to our online construction management platform. We will also have “site walk-through” with the client at key points in the construction to make sure that the work is according to our plan.
In addition, our site manager will automatically e-mail a client a weekly construction report, outlining what took place at the site that week. Ongoing collaboration between our team and the client continues throughout the project and until it is completed. This ensures a pleasurable building experience and guarantees that each project will be finished on time and on budget, and at the highest level of quality.”


“At Wallzcorp, we pride ourselves on our quality consultants and trades as much as our projects.  We recognize that our diverse, multi-skilled workforce has the desirable skills and competencies to deliver excellence in all our activities. Working together, we provide customer satisfaction at every level to maintain our reputation as honest, reliable and quality contractors. Our management team brings a vast wealth of experience and helps drive the company towards continued success.”

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About Wallzcorp Inc.
Wallzcorp offers all-inclusive, fully-integrated design and development management services that honour and reflect the preferences, requirements, and vision of each client. Wallzcorp represents the highest level in design creativity. The company is distinguished by its imaginative combination of artistic ingenuity, high-quality craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. Wallzcorp is deeply committed to serving its clients through a collaborative team-approach and single-point accountability. Wallzcorp focuses on the residential and commercial market in GTA, and throughout southern Ontario.

About A. Nima Ahmadi
Ahmadi graduated from Ryerson University’s Master of Architecture (MArch) program and his company has membership with Tarion, Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) Association and Project Management Institute (PMI). Previously, Ahmadi spent four years as an architectural designer with Melillo Architects in design and construction management, and two years as the principle designer at Pionova Studio. He has been President of Wallzcorp Inc. for nearly four years, doing design and construction management, and completing more than 60 small-to-medium sized projects during that time period. He has received a Thermador award of kitchen design in North America, and his client RE/MAX Hallmark has been the recipient of RE/MAX Integra best real estate office design award in both 2014 and 2016.




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